Conference Fee




Early Bird (Before Aug. 15th)

Normal (Before Sep. 15th)


IEEE Member

USD 700 or RMB 4550

USD 750 or RMB 4875

USD 770 or RMB 5005


USD 750 or RMB 4875

USD 800 or RMB 5200

USD 820 or RMB 5330

IEEE Student Member

USD 500 or RMB 3250

USD 550 or RMB 3575

USD 570 or RMB 3705

Student Nonmember

USD 550 or RMB 3575

USD 600 or RMB 3900

USD 620 or RMB 4030


USD 350 or RMB 2275

USD 350 or RMB 2275

USD 350 or RMB 2275

IEEE Life Member

USD 450 or RMB 2925

USD 500 or RMB 3250

USD 500 or RMB 3250

Remote Participation (ONLY for participants from outside of China)

USD 450 or RMB 2925

USD 500 or RMB 3250

USD 500 or RMB 3250


Please provide the paper ID when registering. You can find the paper ID from the


The registration system is open now. Wuhan Chytey Aconf Co., Ltd is the assigned institution by ICHVE 2022 to collect the registration fee, which will provide the official invoice.


  Payment Method:

1) Five payment modes: online banking payment, international credit card, remittance transfer, Alipay payment and WeChat payment. NOTE:If you choose remittance transfer, you need to bear the commission charge by yourself.


2) If you choose remittance transfer,Please indicate "ichve2022 + order number" by means of remittance. After remittance, please prepare the electronic version of remittance voucher, and "upload voucher" on the conference website, so that the financial personnel can understand your payment situation timely and accurately.


3) For financial and invoice matters, please contact: Wang Pei, +86 (0)27 8887 5258,

  Invoice Application:

1) For Chinese authors

After successful registration and payment, the email and mobile phone number filled in during registration will automatically receive the link to apply for the invoice. You can apply for the invoice through the link or return to the conference website to apply for the invoice in the "Dashboard".


2) For foreign authors

After successful registration and payment, the email filled in during registration will automatically receive the invoice.

  How To Upload Voucher:

NOTE:If you choose remittance transfer,Need to upload voucher.

Log in to the conference page → "dashboard" → "my order" → "upload proof" to complete the operation.

  About Registration:

Before registering for this conference, you need to register an Aconf account, and then log in with the account so that you can register for this conference.